Since 2019, each volume will be consist of eight (8) papers rather than six (6) papres as the previous version.

ICMAE 2020 : International Conference on Management, Accounting, and Economic



The 1st ICMAE (International Conference on Management, Accounting, and Economics) is an international conference that brings academics, researchers, students, and practitioners into Economic and Business scientific forum. The conference also aims to provide the opportunity to connect author’s ideas to be shared in the name for the betterment of society.

The world is currently entering the era of the fourth industrial revolution which is often referred to the Industrial Revolution 4.0. To adapt with the new era, it is necessary to encourage various updates and betterments in all aspects of life. In this era, disruption becomes an inevitable thing.

The aim of this conference are: a. To get solution for any problems that arise during this era; b. To sharing an empirical results in accounting, economics and management perspective about how companies address the disruption challenge; c. As a place to share experience between an academician and a practitioner about any problems and solutions in digital era. Next

Posted: 2019-10-01