Misgiyarta Misgiyarta, M. Syamsul Maarif, Yandra Arkeman


Many technology research institutes and university research and development can not be
applied by the user community and industry. The result is less a role in improving the welfare of
society. Required critical reviews of technology and innovation management strategies to
generate technologies relevant to the needs of society and industry. The study was conducted by
taking the case of the cassava starch fermentation industry. The purpose of this study is (a)
acquired technology strategy to improve the quality of fermented cassava flour, added value,
competitiveness, and usability, as well as (b) obtained by way of management or management of
technological innovation that fermented cassava flour can be applied to the industry, providing
benefits , benefits and further foster innovation. Technology strategy fermented cassava flour
industry in the form of: (1) the development of cassava starch fermentation, (2) development of
product diversity flour as necessary to market the composite flour technology, (3) flour over the
dough expands when made, (4) development of a product of high nutritional value with
fortification technology, (5) the development of a more rapid fermentation technology, (6) the
development of fermented cassava flour production technology zero waste. Management or
management of innovation is done by: (a) search technology required product market (easy,
cheap, fast), (b) selecting appropriate technology industry capacity, (c) development of
technology that can be controlled, (d) select technology products required penndek term and long
term. Innovation management needs to be done properly so that the resulting innovation can
diindustrikan, generate benefits, maximum and sustainable benefits. Management of innovation
that will either encourage the birth of new innovations that can applied in industry and provide
greater benefits.

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